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"With my music, I want to touch my listener's heart.

I want to provide an opportunity to smile and lead people to a place where everything is possible."

Singer and pianist, based in Sydney.


In 1998, Justine started to have piano lessons at the age of 5 years. 

The first 12 years she mainly played classical music, which moved into more and more Jazz, Pop and Worship Music. 


Justine's singing career began in the children´s choir, followed by singing in a gospel choir, youth worship choir, musical, diverse workshops and vocal tuition. 


Thanks to the support of her dad who is a professional saxophonist, since year 2011 Justine had the opportunity to perform at various events with him (e.g. weddings, birthdays, festivals,...). 


From 2013-2016 Justine studied vocals and piano at c3 college in Sydney where she attained an Advanced Diploma of Music Industry.

Since then Justine has been performing at diverse events, including her own concert at c3 Oxford Falls. 


Justine has been performing a diverse range of genres such as Rock, Pop, Soul, R&B, 50's Rock n' Roll, Classic Rock & Pop, Funk, Jazz, Gospels, Musicals and contemporary music. 


Since 2013 Justine is teaching Piano and Singing at her own music school and other Music schools.

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